What Your Lingerie Says About Your Hopes in Love life

Posted on October 15 2018

What Your Lingerie Says About Your Hopes in Love life

We all make subconscious decisions and they are based on who we are at our deepest level. One of the first decisions you make each day is what to wear underneath what your clothes. The many reasons you choose your lingerie add up to revealing who you are when it comes to describing your hopes in love. Your lingerie is a substitute for what you truly would prefer to be with you alone, intimately, throughout the day.

Which of these lingerie descriptions best fits your wardrobe? While the majority of the people you meet may never notice it, you may be letting them all know about your hopes in love in other ways, so read below to find out what you have been telling yourself on this subject.

  • Designer Lingerie
    When you buy by the brand and inevitably wear a matching set, your hope is to fall in love with a successful member of the establishment. Sexy lingerie confirms that you are his attractive partner. The roles in your love life are deeply established and contingent on him continuing on the road to success while you work your best to stay gorgeous as his reward.

  • White Cotton & Sensible
    Most girls start out here and evolve as their world-view and self-image begin to change. Quite a few return to this combo and its comfort and convenience underscore a desire for a traditional love life. Maybe skip the white picket fence, but a good husband and eventually having children are central to the picture of where you see yourself and your life in the hopefully not-too- distant future.

  • Thong
    This colorful and provocative bottom often has a revealing high strap. What you are really looking for in love, though, is a man who sets limits with you. Your deepest desire is to be told to dress more conservatively and since you so want to please the man telling you this, you comply. You are provoking to test the limits because you want a father figure to strongly school you in the ways of love.

  • Body Shapers
    These trendy undergarments are made to hold in your belly, waist and often your thighs. If being chunky ever comes back in style, these will be relics from a bygone era. Something this trendy and appearance altering reveals your desire for acceptance. A man should be overjoyed if you are wearing this type of lingerie, as it reveals you to be submissive and living to please him at all costs.

If more than one style above would apply to your choices in lingerie, perhaps you are in transition and are subconsciously changing your aspirations in love. Pay attention to what in a man attracts you and how that differs from your taste in guys a year ago – you will find that you are changing your lingerie style as your hopes for love shift to different desires. It is totally natural to change what you will let him take a peek at as your ideal of who he should be evolves.

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